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camus Kopie
rom a certain age everyone is himself responsible for his face.
Albert Camus (writer)

sagan Kopie
There is an age in which a woman has to be beautiful to be loved. And then comes the age in which she has to be loved to be beautiful.
Francoise Sagan (writer)

fellini Kopie

Faces are the books of life.
Federico Fellini
(film script autor, regiseur)

Morgenstern Kopie
A caricature is always merely true for a moment.
Christian Morgenstern (writer)

sartre Kopie
You only exist through the eyes
of the other person.
Jean-Paul Sartre (writer)

dali Kopie

Models should try to look like the portrait.
Salvadore Dali (artist)

heiberg Kopie
A good caricature is more similar to the person than the person is to himself.
Gunnar Heiberg (writer)

churchill Kopie
Whoever annoys portrait artists must expect to be painted as he looks.
Sir Winston Churchill

conrad Kopie
Nothing is regarded as exaggeration so much as the naked truth.
Josef Conrad (writer)

Reich-Ranicki Kopie

Only by exaggeration, do things
become clear and understandable.
And of course, you need to exaggerate
in the right direction.
Marcel Reich-Ranicky(writer)


gutzkow Kopie
It is beneficial for everyone to be able to see himself as a caricature.
Karl-Ferdinand Gutzkow (writer)

Mario Andretti-1 Kopie
If you believe, that you have everything under control, you you are not driving fast enough
Mario Andretti (italian running driver)

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