Old Master (at no extra charge)
In the style of the Old Masters, in charcoal or colour on canvas.

in colour
The coloured version is especially appreciated by event guests who have 10 - 20 minutes to spare.
Also incognito from a digital photo at conferences.
Also as Show Act on large screen.


Guest gallery (at no extra charge)
Guests at a private event want to see all the pictures: they are exhibited on a free wall or on my folding display.  Each person simply takes his picture home (in a protective cardboard envelope, if required).

Digital guest gallery (at no extra charge)
Guests can view all the caricatures again like a slide show either through a projector or on a screen. (also on an internet/intranet page, if applicable)

Incognito (at no extra charge)
Guests are digitally photographed as they arrive.  I can then draw the caricatures in an adjoining room where the caricature event would disturb proceedings. This, of course, does have a certain surprise effect.

Group pictures
Each guest will also receive a group picture in addition to his original at the event as a lasting souvenir with all the subjects drawn (copier or laser printer required on site.(Alternative: the pictures are collected, mounted in my office and forwarded subsequently by the event organiser with a dedication and advertisement.

Show inserts
I design and realise product or person related show inserts or I present my ”psychic” powers as clairvoyant (10 min. final gag - insert at no extra charge).

Caricatures bound as book
Do you want to present the event caricatures as a gift?
My master bookbinder will bind the works in diverse exquisite techniques - embossed in gold etc. from 250.- Euros.

Election of Miss and Mr. Caricature
The finished works are displayed and can be awarded points by the guests.  The winners get a sports car (toy car), a bottle of Champagne and, of course, a certificate.

Gallery of famous portraits
Famous portraits are displayed on appropriate walls.

No matter whether live or completed in my atelier - the display of product related works is an inspiration and encourages communication among visitors to trade fair stands, presentations and office premises.

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