Referenzen Kopie

 . . . Your sketches flowed with astounding rapidity from your pen, were outrageously succinct without causing offence, and far exceeded what could be seen in terms of accuracy. Your uncomplicated and spontaneous character and the obvious pleasure you have in your work fitted excellently with the image of our company.
We would be delighted to work together with you again when a suitable opportunity arises . . .

Digital Equipment GmbH
 . . . Thanks to your creativity, your ability and your commitment, you have made a major contribution to the success of our numerous events . . .

 . . . Your excellent caricatures and your pleasant effect on the audience were highly impressive. The objective – to direct the attention of people to our exhibition booth – was achieved in full thanks to your activities. As a result, bunches of people gathered within a very short time and were able to experience ”live entertainment” here.
We are delighted at the success and will certainly come back to you for similar occasions . . .

Queisser Pharma
Your commitment, artistic ability and winning charisma filled all of us with enthusiasm. The courteous way in which you were able to solve even ”very difficult cases” or to get people to accept extreme over-exaggerations (in the sense of a caricature) is probably the key to your success.

Wirtschaftsförderung Siegen-Wittgenstein
. . . If I term you a master artist in the letterhead, then I do so as a ”huge compliment” . . . .  the co-operation in Frankfurt was simply outstanding.
I remember in this regard the comment of a journalist who had already been waiting over 15 minutes and then said to me: ”The performance of this artist is priceless”. A few words which express most clearly the quality of the entertainment you provided.
If people are still talking about our exhibition booth in Frankfurt, then this is certainly also thanks to you . . .

Lafarge Gips GmbH
 . . . Our customers and also our employees were enthusiastic about your caricatures, performance and manner. As a result of this successful combination, you ensured a lively coming-and-going at our booth.
You contributed to ensuring our success at this exhibition.
We would be delighted to work together with you again at the next exhibition . . .

 . . . You creative collaboration and uncomplicated manner made a major contribution to the success of the event. Particularly your talent to conjure up a ”character head” on paper with a rapid stroke and at the same time to act as an entertainer - that was extremely impressive . . .

Molkerei-Zentrale Süd
. . . Your rapid and apt caricatures at the right time and the right place were an eye-catcher at the Bayernland booth. You certainly played a part in the success of the exhibition . . .

Spieß Computersystems
. . . Your uncomplicated, pleasant way of approaching passers-by and visitors to our booth formed the key to immediate and direct contact.
The caricatures then always captured the main facial features humorously and accurately. Drawing of the caricatures also always represented an interactive event between the visitor and you, one which will be a lasting positive memory for our customers and us. Thanks to your rousing texts in their balloons, you created for visitors a permanent and pleasant link between the caricature and our product.
We would expressly like to thank you for the co-operation with you, which was at all times constructive, smooth and friendly  . . .

. . . You understood magnificently from the first to the last day how to positively captivate our discriminating clientele of visitors. Your caricaturing portraits met with impression recognition on the part of everyone thanks to their accurate emphasis, and your lightning-quick gift for drawing enhanced this effect for our guests and made for an unforgettable experience at the exhibition: the eyes of your audience gleamed and all the persons chosen to be portrayed were proud to have become owners of a ”genuine” Otto.
You fulfilled an important function in our marketing mix. Well over 100 manager portraits were completed by you each day of the exhibition, and we were able to secretly follow with satisfaction with what sovereignty you ”celebrated” your commitment. The fitness you demonstrated in this deserves respect  . . . Our product is regarded world-wide as a model of efficiency and we therefore attach great importance to acting in marketing in accord with this reputation. Your, dear Mr. Otto, with your professionalism, fit in with our exhibition team . . . You are hereby engaged again . . .

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