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Curriculum vitae:
- born 18.08.1962 in Munich
- at 18 vocational craftsmanship training as interior designer
- at 21 alternative national service, private instruction with
  Prof. Hubert Schweizer
- at 23 portrait drawing on Leopoldstrasse in Munich, continued private instruction
- self-employed since 1988 as freelance artist and portrait caricaturist.
- living in Postmünster/small place near Passau in Bavaria since 1998
- married, 3 children

High-speed caricaturist
My work at events is described in Germany as high-speed or show caricaturist.  The ”high-speed” from high-speed caricaturist relates here to the effect on the audience: I don't draw faster than I speak.  If everyone drew as much as they speak, the term would not be high-speed caricaturist.

The origin of the term high-speed caricaturist was characterised by caricaturist Oskar (officially: Hans Bierbrauer) from Hans Rosental's Dalli-Dalli programme.  Oskar, originally well known as caricaturist for the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper, was also then booked for events. Two other caricaturists followed Oskar - Bubec caricaturist for the Handelsblatt journal and the already deceased Fred Westen.

Even today it is still a rare profession.  At present, there are only 3 full-time high-speed caricaturists in Germany and approx. 10 part-timers.

Portrait caricaturist
My profession in the sense of vocation is that of portrait caricaturist. The aim of caricaturising a portrait is not to ridicule the model by any means but to analyse his/her characteristics and to illustrate these to the observer by differentiated exaggeration.  The model is therefore not a victim of exposure but the object of inspiration.

Overall impression
As a portrait caricaturist, you have to create an overall impression at a purely emotional level which you must not lose sight of throughout the process of its automated graphic creation.  Each individual line must relate to the entirety. This rather organisational challenge is the most fundamental and at the same time demanding component, and becomes more difficult the more intense the caricatural exaggeration.

”those certain features”
Therefore, it is not those certain features which I work out but an overall statement. There are some features which influence the overall statement to a greater or lesser extent such as the nose or eyes but the greatest influence is the shape of the mouth. This speaks volumes in the true sense of the word - it brings life to the portrait.  The mouth allows you to look deep into a person's soul and the momentary state of his/her emotions.

The process 

I already see and experience what I have seen as movement in my hand, a type of gestural power.  This impression becomes taut like an arrow in a bow at the moment of perception.  Without delay, I give free rein to the previously determined movement.  Each spark of doubt or delay would misrepresent the result.

I like to compare this with speaking: we are already thinking when we speak. We have an idea of what we want to say. It is expressed of its own accord without us having to consider all the words.  In the same way, I am already thinking in terms of lines and movements.  Caricature is therefore already created in the imagination of the movement.

The art does not lie in reduction but in enhancing the core statement through reduction.
Speed (approx. 1-2 minutes)
Speed is not an art. It is the framework I build to impose emotionalism, reduction and above all determination.
And: the fastest reply is the most honest.

I believe talent is
- a strong will to discover one's true passions, to believe in them and to develop them consequently;
- the determination to give one's all;
- the courage never to be satisfied.

What else do I do?
- self-management, trips to my appearances in Germany and Europe;
- little time for painting;
- no graphic work;
- no newspaper cartoons - no political, social, humorous content (my profession: purely formal analysis)

My aims and visions.
Stylistic: more formal abstraction and calligraphic reduction;
Professional: large-format work on canvas, exhibitions and publications
Field of activities:
primarily all types of company events
- meetings
- trade fairs
- conferences
- company anniversaries
- inaugurations
occasionally also cultural events and events for private hosts.

Benefit for my customers
- entertainment value for events
- personalised gift

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