Teufel KopieProduct presentation with a buffet dinner, 800 persons:
Following the presentation of the latest products, the guests are received with champagne.With my mobile drawing board, I move through the crowd and go up to guests or they come to me . . . and mingle: ”Show us!”. After the main course the guests come to the easel, which is placed between further promotional stands. The pictures are packaged in a cardboard envelope, affixed with the person's name and deposited at the cloakroom.


Block1The room is darkened. No lighting was planned for me.

Kopie von glühlämpchen.3My halogen projector is installed within 5 minutes.

Block1Three of the host's managers are trying kindly, but in vain to coax the delegation of the most important customer from JAPAN towards the promotional stands. Manager to Otto: ”We've got a problem . . . !”

Kopie von glühlämpchen.3I finish drawing all the people standing in my queue and go with my mobile board to the table of the reserved Japanese group. The Japanese laugh themselves silly - visit the promotional stands - evening saved.

Teufel KopieConference meal, buffet, 200 sales partners:
Once all the guests are sitting, I start going to the tables with my mobile board and draw 1-2 persons per table to start with. I organise my work in such a way that by after the dessert I have been to each table once (buffet approx.1½ hours). The pictures are rolled up directly and handed to the guests

Block1Even before the dessert, I am encircled by enthusiastically amused guests

Kopie von glühlämpchen.3I draw briefly at the last two tables so that these do not feel neglected and switch to the already prepared easel. All the guests can watch and amuse themselves until they have to go.

Teufel KopieBirthday dinner, 6-course menu, 50 guests, various show interludes after the dessert:
During the reception, the first 25 guests are sketched with the mobile board, the other drawings are created between the dishes. During the show interludes I put the pictures in the prepared passe-partouts. The pictures are hung on pin boards and assessed after the dessert:
”Look, old Countess Krallenstein – wooonderful!” Everyone takes their picture when they go home.

Block1Countess Krallenstein in horror: ”What's that? I don't look like that at all!”

Kopie von glühlämpchen.3I draw her 30 years younger. The Countess: ”Goodness, that is beautiful!” Everyone smiles. Otto: ”I hope you will forgive me.” Countess: ”You have to practice a little!” Otto: ”A true artist studies his whole life long!”

Teufel KopieTrade fair, 200 invited customers and prospects are expected daily at the exhibition booth:
My mission is restricted exclusively to invited visitors in the cordoned-off section, since I'm fully occupied with the anticipated 200 heads a day. My easel is set up right next to the bar. The caricatures are excellent means of relaxing the atmosphere and are a special token of esteem for visitors to the booth, above all as an excellent way of concluding a talk with the ”Now we also have something wonderful for you” effect - and hey presto, your sales representative has time for new contacts: you can rest assured that your customers are in the best of hands with me. Here too, I recommend using cardboard envelopes.

Block1Some days only 100 customers come.

Kopie von glühlämpchen.3In quiet periods, the drawings can also be watercoloured. There is often time for full portraits and balloons relating to products.

Teufel KopieTrade fair, 50 customers are expected at the booth each day:
The caricature campaign aims to promote customer loyalty and acquire new customers. I consequently draw in the most-frequented front section. What is important here is eye-catch, action and if desired product placement: every 10 minutes, for example, I briefly point out special product features and product novelties, and invite people to an informational talk at the exhibition booth. Occasional full portraits and balloons relating to products convey company messages. I avoid the frustration of queues by spontaneously selecting character heads and preferring ”potential customers”, i.e. visitors who look like a lot of business and do not have time to stand in a queue. Customers introduced to me by the ladies and gentlemen of the exhibition team can be given immediate preferential treatment.

Block1Three cranky gentlemen with plastic bags claim they are customers and would also like to be portrayed ahead of spectators who have been waiting some time.

Kopie von glühlämpchen.3I ask the gentlemen courteously to contact the exhibition team.

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