The eye is not my tool, but my erogenous zone

The secret to drawing 200 people a day without becoming tired is to have fun with them.

schatzkiste Kopie

For a person with clarity in his head, chaos is inspiration and orderliness a pure waste of time.

The true being of a person is not revealed where his character begins, but where it stops.

The courteousness of the portrait caricaturist is honesty.
Or do you need to be portrayed more beautifully?

Value of recognition
The art in art is to find someone who recognises art in it.
The art of the portrait caricature is even more difficult, since the person drawn has to recognise himself.

A portrait which does not draw out the characteristic features is like a person without secrets.

To work in public as a caricaturist is a question of belief. It requires a deep belief in life after the caricature.

The idea does not originate from the imagination of the artist, but his reality. However, it is sometimes the case that imagination is his reality.

Illusion can be stronger than the image in a mirror. Illusion can be so strong that the person caricatured believes that the portrait caricaturist has the same illusions about him that the person drawn has about himself.

Caricature is not what the drawer interprets into it, but what jumps out at him
- provided he can catch.

At the beginning, art dedicates itself to love; later love also dedicates itself to art.
I began to make portraits when there was a person for me whom I wanted to gaze in the eyes for a while without betraying the real reason to that person. (”Taking up” with the person)
Now you just about know when I began to deal ”intensively” with people.

Passion in art, as in love, is not the salt, but the soup itself.
You have soon landed yourself in it.

Art of love
Love and art is the ability to still be overcome by what is happening, despite your experience and habits, with the same amazed eyes as if it were the first time.

Ears have never complained about a caricature as long as you have not told them what I made of them.


My instant drawings are not competition for POLAROID, but simply an improvement in focus.

Reality is sometimes difficult to picture if you have no imagination.

Travel is above all exciting for the artist whose domestic business distracts him from new horizons.

Every feature can be enhanced. However, to caricature a person whose most typical characteristic is pure beauty ...
.... imagine my situation as a caricaturist!

The time in which I am drawing is just as exciting for the audience as it is for the person being caricatured. ”What is the caricaturist making of his model?" For me, it is no less exciting, as I also do not know what the person being drawn will make of me.

Talent is not a matter of luck, but the strong determination to discover your true passions, believe in them and develop them rigorously.

Deep meaning
People who do not start thinking about their caricature obtain true enjoyment of the picture.

The pleasure in drawing a portrait caricature is in discovering in every person the charm of his unmistakable facets which he has not yet dared to discover in himself.

If the art of caricature lay in omitting positive features, I would hand over many an empty sheet of paper.
But sometimes certain figures ask me to omit their negative features. They should then not be amazed if the picture only consists of a tie.

When drawing a caricature, I screw up my eyes so as to see what effect the person has, not how he looks.

However, the greatest secret in art comes from André Gide:
Art is a co-operation between God and man. The less man does, the better.

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