Application areas
Trade fare, product presentation, advertising event, gala, show, conference, incentive, company state of emergency, management floor orgy, small talk cocktail reception, dinner for one, champagne bath, buffet procession, coronation of an emperor, farewell ceremony ...


Notes on application
- With a mobile drawing board (e.g. stand-up reception or from table to table)
- Standing with the easel (e.g. trade fare or open day)
The finished works can be handed directly to the guests or deposited with their name or cloakroom number.

- Impressive accuracy
- seismographic speed
- formal freedom
- commanding manner

- Andreas Otto contributes to creating enormously high spirits at all types of occasion.
- If a particularly high communicative value is to be achieved, a gallery of guests on a free wall or partition walls is recommended.
- In long-term studies, an advertising effect lasting many years was able to be observed in the use of caricatures with a company imprint.

Occasional crowds and tumults.
Unobtrusive drawing from a largish distance is not possible.
Children are only portrayed voluntarily.

The caricaturist Andreas Otto is very compatible at all times with all types of entertainer and animation artist.

Brushworker: calligraphic stroke, immediately wipe-fast

170g special board
Other materials upon arrangement

29,7 x 42 cm (DIN A3)

Special accessories
The following can also be indicated for packaging and presentation:
Cardboard envelopes or passe-partouts
Rubber bands are standard features.

Available on prescription in the case of special indication:
-  Colored Portraits on Canvas
-  Showact in Color on Canvas
-  Caricatures in the style of the old masters: coal, acryl color on Canvas
-  Gallery of all portraits of the evening
-  Digital Gallery of all portraits on screen or in the Internet
-  Setting of a new world record in high-speed
portraying (promotional campaign)
-  Group portrait (assembly and reproduction on site)
-  Gallery of famous heads (if desired, topic-related)

Statistics (status: February/2002)
More than 110.000 portrait caricatures in 14 years of professional work
with over 15.000 portrait caricatures at around 150 events a year at present

Environmentally friendly
-  Low costs, with natural, regenerative raw materials
-  High retention quota (96.7%)
-  Low-noise drawing implement (0.00012 db)

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